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The 365 business PDF app implements the 365 business API services PDF. The app is providing capabilities for digitally sign, apply stationery and concatenate PDF documents.


The 365 business PDF app is providing an internal API codeunit to allow integration into customer specific business processes.

PDF API (Codeunit 5523590 - bdev.PDF API)

The bdev.PDF API codeunit object is providing functionalities of the 365 business PDF app and allows other extensions to integrate.


The following methods are available:

Method name Description
ApplyStationeryToDocument(Codeunit, Codeunit) Apply stationery document to PDF stream.
ApplyStationeryToDocument(Codeunit, Record) Apply stationery page settings, configured in PDF Stationery Configuration, to PDF stream.
ConcatenateDocument(Codeunit, Codeunit) Concatenate PDF document to PDF stream.
SignDocument(Codeunit, Codeunit) Digitally sign PDF stream.