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What is the 365 business Address Validation app?

The 365 business Address Validation app provides you with the following features:

for contacts, customers, vendors, sales documents, purchasing documents and more. Address validation is performed automatically in real time after an address is entered or changed, allowing you to improve the quality of your address data.

Why do I need the 365 business Address Validation app?

Perfectly correct customer master data is the prerequisite for ensuring that you can actually reach your customers. Addresses arrive in your company in different ways; coming from telephone conversations, sales transactions, written correspondence, emails, internet, etc., and are then stored in your system. However, this means that typing mistakes, misheard information or other errors can enter your data stocks without being noticed - and this can have far-reaching consequences.

If a database is incorrect or inaccurate, marketing campaigns based on it pass by unnoticed, invoices remain undelivered, and the number of returned items and level of stray losses increase. This results in customers becoming annoyed at poor addressing, or receiving multiple deliveries, or deliveries not arriving at all. Subsequent claims not only result in increased work for customer service, they can also seriously damage your company image - and this will rapidly have a negative effect on your turnover.

With 365 business Address Validation you can check, correct, and update all address data from around the world. Errors made during input, such as writing, listening, reading or typing mistakes, are automatically corrected by the system.

Which countries and languages are supported?

Address validation can be performed with the widest range of languages and written characters, e.g. Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic, or Hangul. The address check is supported by comprehensive reference databases which allows a world-wide address validation.