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The 365 business Address Validation App offers you the possibilities to validate and complete address data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central directly.

The current version of 365 business Address Validation offers integration with numerous master data areas. Currently, the following integrations exist:

In addition, address entries in purchase and sales documents can also be validated directly.

The provided integrations within the 365 business Address Validation App can be enabled and disabled via the 365 business API Setup page.

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Address validation takes place automatically and is executed in real time after an address is entered or changed. This allows you to increase the quality of your address data without additional manual processes.

Why do I need the 365 business Address Validation App?

Flawless customer master data is a prerequisite for actually reaching your customer. Addresses come into your company in many ways: They are transmitted and stored via telephone, sales, letter contact, e-mail, Internet, etc. Typing errors or mispronunciations can easily occur, which are then transferred to the database without being checked. This can have far-reaching consequences.

If the database is not correct, marketing campaigns fizzle out ineffectively, invoices cannot be delivered, and the return rates and wastage of mailings increase. The result: customers react angrily to inadequate addressing, duplicate letters or non-delivery. Complaints not only lead to increased work in the service center, but can also seriously damage your image. And that quickly affects your sales.

With 365 business Address Validation, you can check, correct and update your address data. Transmission errors such as spelling, reading, hearing or typing errors are automatically cleaned up by the system.

Which countries and languages are supported?

Address validation can be performed in a wide variety of languages and scripts, such as Arabic, Greek, Cyrillic or Hangul. Due to the extensive reference databases for validation, worldwide address validation is also supported. The detailed address matching, which is often accurate to the house number, also ensures high quality address data.

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