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Wondering about upcoming and recently released capabilities in 365 business development apps?
See below change log for each app or take a look to the new and upcoming features.


All 365 business development apps are versioned based on the following scheme: [Major].[Minor].[Revision].[Build]

Version Parts
Version Part Description
Major Specifies the minimum required version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (e.g. 15).
Minor Specifies the functional release version for the product.
Revision Specifies the updated release version for the product.
Build A unique build identifier.

Upcoming Features

365 business ERiC
Feature Description Planned Release
New Tax Data Type GewSt Add support for GewSt (Gewerbesteuer) Tax Data Type. 2022
New Tax Data Type EUER Add support for EUER (Einnahme├╝berschussrechnung) Tax Data Type. TBD
Tax Statement Preview View your Tax Statement directly in Dynamics 365 Business Central or print the filled statement. TBD
365 business Print Agent

We plan to release the 365 business Print Agent in 2022. This module will allow you to use local and virtual printers within Dynamics 365 Business Central, w/o additional dialogs, manual download etc. Additionally it supports to predefine paper trays, duplex mode and more and just use it in Report Selection or your custom report.

Planned Release: 2022

365 business Document Recognition

With 365 business Document Recognition you get a full-featured OCR detection incoming document workflow within Dynamics 365 Business Central, powered by the 365 business API Document Recognition service.

Planned Release: Q4-2022

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