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With the installation of 365 business Address Validation you are ready to raise the quality of your address data to a new level and can use the functions address prediction and address validation immediately after the successful installation.

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Address Validation Role Center

As part of the 365 business Address Validation App, the Address Validation role center is delivered. The role center gives you an overview of the address data quality of the integrations enabled in the Address Validation Setup.

Address Validation Role Center

Where will the setup be made?

After installation, the basic setup has already been performed as part of the installation routines. Some setup parameters are set automatically according to the most common wishes and requirements.

The setup can be customized in the Address Validation Setup.

365 business API Einrichtung

In addition, the connection to the 365 business API, which provides the address validation service, takes place via the 365 business API Setup.

What costs are incurred by the use?

The address prediction function is already paid for as part of the user licensing for the 365 business Address Validation App. There are no further usage-based costs for the use of address prediction.

The address validation function is based on the 365 business API Cloud Service - Address Validation, which is usually billed on a per-use basis. The respective costs depend, among other things, on the number of addresses validated. You can find the prices of the Address Validation service on our website.

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