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Registration for the 365 business API Cloud is necessary to obtain an API authentication key and to be able to communicate with the 365 business API Cloud services. Registration is completely free of charge and without obligation. After the registration is completed, a 30-day trial period starts during which you can test all services and functions of the 365 business API without any restrictions.

Good to know:The registration is completely free of charge and without obligation.
You will not incur any costs as a result of the registration.

The registration for the 365 business API Cloud Services can take place via the following ways:

Registration via Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
  1. Get the 365 business API app from the Microsoft AppSource and install the app in your Business Central tenant. 365 business API in the Microsoft AppSource
  2. Log in to your Business Central environment. Then the Welcome Wizard will appear and guide you through the rest of the setup and registration process:
    Welcome Wizard
Note:Should the Welcome Wizard not start automatically or should you have cancelled the wizard, you can call it up again at any time via the call in the Assisted Setup page:
  1. Read and confirm the privacy and license agreement.
  2. In the registration wizard, provide your organization information for registration.
  3. Submit your registration.
Note:If you register via the 365 business API app, you will receive your personal API key immediately after registration. Your trial period starts immediately after registration and you can test the services for 30 days free of charge and without obligation.
Registration via the 365 business development website
  1. Go to the website 365businessdev.com/cloud/registration/.
  2. Enter your organization information for registration.
  3. Complete the registration.
Note:On completion of registration, you will receive an email from one of our representatives.

Registration Information

During registration, some information is collected that will allow you to later upgrade your trial license to a usage-based billing model.

What will my data be used for?

Your data will be used for allocation and billing purposes only. If you do not convert your trial license into a full-fledged usage-based subscription, your data will be automatically deleted after a retention period of 100 days.

Can I register more than once?

Registration is only possible once for each e-mail address. The encrypted e-mail address is also stored beyond the retention period of 100 days to prevent multiple registrations.

Are there any costs for or after the registration?

No, there are no costs within the trial period of 30 days. After the trial period expires, the API key is automatically locked and can only be used again if a subscription is taken out. This ensures that no accidental costs are incurred after the trial period expires.

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