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What is a barcode?

There are many different types of barcodes. They all consist of optical patterns and encode data so that it can be read automatically or by machine. The German term for barcode is Strichcode, as it is made up of parallel bars of varying widths and gaps.

However, the term barcode is often equated with the EAN barcode known from product packaging. As the name EAN barcode suggests, this code encodes the product’s global article number, known then as EAN and now as GTIN. This makes it quick and easy to scan the product at the supermarket checkout.

How and where are barcodes used?

There are many possible uses for barcodes. Below you will find some practical examples:

What information is contained in a barcode?

Depending on the purpose, various information can be encoded in a barcode. For example, it can be the following:

What is 365 business Barcode?

With 365 business Barcode, you can integrate barcodes into any part of your application, whether it’s on the job card, picking slip, sales shipment or invoice! With our powerful and flexiable app you can implement barcodes into your business processes with a minimum amount of effort.

365 business Barcode is an extension for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can use to add barcode capabilities to your business processes.