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Note: This feature was added with 365 business Print Agent version 18.1.
Please check if you have the latest version of 365 business Print Agent to use this feature.

In some environments, e.g. with locally separated branch offices, it can make sense to make printers accessible only for certain users. This can be achieved via the Printer Access Permissions by assigning one or more user groups to a printer.

Good to know:If no user groups are assigned to a printer, this printer and the associated printer settings are accessible to all users in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Users who use the "365 business Print Agent - Full Access" (bdev.PRINTAGENTSETUP) permission set are considered administrative users and are exempt from restricting the selection of printers via the printer access permissions.
This is to allow administrators to assign printers that you generally do not have access to to other users.

What are Printer Access Permissions?

Printer access permissions restrict the visibility of printers and printer settings within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. If a printer is not accessible by the current user, the respective printer will not be displayed in printer selections.

Important: Regardless of the printer selection, it is also possible to print on a printer without assigned printer access authorization, e.g. via background processes.

How do I assign user groups to a printer?

  1. Open Printer page.
  2. Select More Options.
  3. Select Related and Printer Access Permissions….
  4. Select User Group Code you want to assign to access the printer.
  5. Close the page.

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