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Printer Configuration are actually used as Printers in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. For each printer a default printer configuration is automatically created. This configuration is created with the available features of your printer.

Additionally, you can create multiple other configurations for different scenarios like color and/or duplex printing.

Important: The Code field of a Printer Configuration is displayed to the user through the Printer Selection and in various other locations inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Keep in mind to choose a user-friendly Name for the Printer Configuration.

Printer Configuration

How do I create a Printer Configuration?

Printer Configuration can be created manually through the Printer Configuration card page or by using the Assisted Printer Configuration page.

  1. Open Printers page.
  2. Select Add Printer Configuration.
    Assisted Printer Configuration

  3. Select Next.
  4. Specify a user-friendly Name (Field Code).
  5. Specify a brief Description to describe the usage of the configuration.
    Assisted Printer Configuration - General
  6. Select Next.
  7. Select Paper Kind (e.g. A4 paper (210 mm by 297 mm).)
    1. When specified Custom Paper Kind you have to specify Paper Size height and width. (Optional)
  8. Specify whether to enable color printing or not.
    (only applicable if printer supports color printing)
  9. Specify whether to use simplex printing or duplex printing.
    (only applicable if printer supports duplex-mode)
  10. Specify whether to use multiple paper trays or not.
  11. Select Paper Source Kind (Paper Tray) for all pages (if not selected use multiple paper trays) or for the various options.
    Assisted Printer Configuration - Paper Tray Selection
  12. Select Finish.
  13. Enable Printer Configuration for usage, by selecting Yes.
    Assisted Printer Configuration - Enable Printer Configuration
Good to know:In some cases it can be useful to rotate the print output during printing, for example to print a layout that was created in landscape format in portrait format on a label printer.
. Use the Rotation field in the printer settings to define how the print output should be rotated.

Next steps

At this point, you are ready to print with 365 business Print Agent by manually selecting the Printer Configuration in Report Request Page.

Request Page Printer Selection

To get the most comfort out of direct printing functionality you should now assign the Printer Configuration in Printer Selection page.

How to assign Printer Configuration in Printer Selection?

  1. Open Print Selection.
  2. Select User ID or leave blank to assign the printer (configuration) for every user.
  3. Specify Report ID or leave blank to assign the printer (configuration) for every report.
  4. Select Printer Name by choosing from the Drop-down menu.
Good to know: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a additional page, called Printer Management. Here you'll find every printer (configuration), enabled in Print Agent. From here you can easily open the printer configuration or set the selected printer (configuration) as default.

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